Saturday, October 1, 2011

SCOOPS Reading Program!!

Okay, so here I sit with my fall decorations up, candles lit, house clean, hot apple cider in my favorite mug and time to write a new post! YAY. By the way, I LOVE October and am totally stoked that my favorite month is here!

Okay, now time for my reading program!

Our slogan is.... SCOOP your way to a FUN day! I came up with this program last year and it has been super successful! My students LOVE it and so do the parents. Here is how it works:

1. Students are motivated to read by earning scoops for their cone and working toward the ultimate goal of reaching 7 scoops and having an ice cream party!
2. Each student is given a reading sheet with boxes. Parents initial each box for every 20 minutes of reading time.
3. When a reading sheet is complete, students turn it in and choose a scoop for their cone!
4. They earn small incentives for reaching certain numbers of scoops
5. All students are working to get at least 7 scoops (VERY attainable goal)
6. We will have an ice cream party the last month of school! Ice cream, tons of toppings, games, music, etc.

Here are the cones...I found the perfect "waffle cone" scrapbook paper from Michaels, cut the cones and laminated them. I also used glitter sticker letters to put on their name.

Here are the SCOOPS! Also made from various scrapbook paper. They love choosing their FLAVA.

Here are the reading pads I use...

Here are the rewards...
2 Scoops = cool pencil, 4 Scoops = awesome bookmark, 6 Scoops = ice cream pen, 7 Scoops = certificate and ice cream party!

When they reach 6 scoops, they earn one of these adorable ice cream pens :)

When they reach 7 they get this certificate...I made and ordered them from VISTAPRINT :)

And last, they look adorable on a boring door..

That's all folks! Happy reading and Happy Fall :)


  1. Oh my gosh, this is waaaaaaaaay cuter than my boring old checklist chart and stickers!! :-) I'm going to have to revamp mine, I think! We have a class goal for the reading with an owl theme, but I don't have anything fun for individual goals. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such a nice idea. I'm curious about the ice cream party, though. How often do you do the ice cream parties? And when and where do you do the classroom in front of students who didn't earn it...after school?

  3. We have one ice cream party at the end of school. I have never had a problem leaving any kids out. They all make their goal. Seven scoops is very attainable if they are reading 4-5 nights a week. If you do have kids that might not make it to seven, I would sign their sheet for them when they read in class. Good luck, its really a great program!

  4. Do you have a compiled list of goals that the students choose from or do you assign the goals to each student?