Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back 2 School Bulletin Boards

Hello to the blogging world! I am loving all of the incredible teachers, lessons, ideas, inspiration and advice that is out there! I am starting to see how addicting this can be :) This is my first teaching blog (and post) and I'm hoping to get a few followers! If you visit, please leave a comment!

I know its still July (*sigh*...two more days....where has the time gone?) but after reading some incredible teacher blogs with awesome ideas, I found myself getting excited about the new school year today! Goodwill was GOOD to me today and had some adorable buckets that I will be making even cuter and using as containers. I'll post pics when they're done! I also found dry erase whiteboards at the Dollar Store today that seem like they'll hold up well! I got a class set and found a matching adorable zebra print basket to hold them all :) I LOVE making everything cute and adding extra creative touches...

I started browsing some of my all time FAVORITE back to school bulletin boards that I have created. I hope some of you teachers out there will find a little inspiration in them! I plan on doing something new this year, but haven't quite decided what...


I made the fish from scratch and the kids' names are on the bubbles. I made the seaweed from shiny wrapping paper found at the Dollar Store :)
I didn't put the kids' names on this board, but they would have been cute on bananas...

I had my students come up with at least 3 goals for the year and then took their pictures on the playground "monkeyin' " around :)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Sarah... love your new blog so far! I can't believe we are going back so soon either (next week is preplanning for us!!). I am also getting excited so begin a new year... this will be a great place to share ideas!! xoxo

  2. S.A. this is too cute. You amaze me! Count on me referencing your work as I begin the jump from teaching fourth grade to second grade this year!

  3. Sarah this is an amazing blog! Your creativity just explodes Inspiring!!

  4. Thanks for finding me! Love second grade blogs. Your blog is adorable. Sorry I haven't updated in forever, but I will keep up when school begins. Ok I'll at least try. :)