Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Week FREEbies!

While driving back from L.A. late last night, (*sigh*, the last vacation of summer), I was thinking of all the first week of school activities I love to do.

I came up with the Getting 2 Know u Game that the kids LOVE. I created cards with questions on them, printed them on bright paper, laminated and cut. You will need one set of cards per pair.

How to play:
- The students sit across from each other and take turns drawing a card from the pile. They ask their partner the question that is on the card (example, "What is your favorite Disney character?" or "What would your dream birthday party be like?").
- When all of the questions are asked, each child is responsible for sharing one thing about their partner to the class.

This game is a great first day ice breaker...for EVERYONE...
Getting Know Game

I also love doing the Friend Find! I came up with things that relate directly to the kids and where we live.
Friend Find

And last but not least, The Time Capsule! Just a reminder to put these in a spot where you'll remember to pass them back at the end of the year!
Time Capsule Questionnaire

And last, here are a few books I always read the first week. My favorite being, The First Day Jitters :)

My first day back with the kids is Monday...Here's to a great, FRESH, creative school year!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Very cute blog~~ I love your Getting to Know You Game. Thanks for sharing. I love the Smart board so stay tuned and you will find a ton to download.
    I grabbed your button and added it to my blog~!!
    Have a great start to your year!!